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our advantages

Bilingual system developed by ITEA

Our student body has access to a wide array of English levels within our system, which allows each individual to enter a specific group based on his/her current knowledge of the language; this way we don’t leave behind those who still need to learn the basics, but also don’t limit the progress of those with a more advanced understanding of English.

Humanistic-Constructivist Philosophy

Here at ITEA, our focus has always been on the uniqueness of each human being, therefore, our philosophy is based on humanist concepts, so we encourage our students to explore their concept of self and to design their own learning experiences. Also, with our constructivist approach, each pupil rebuilds his/her knowledge in a personal way, surrounded by a cooperative environment led by our teachers in the classrooms.

Jalisco’s best facilities

More than 15 hectares of campus, with state-of-the-art facilities designed with our students in mind, prioritizing stress-reducing green areas that offer a visual rest and keep us in touch with nature. Also, each campus has its own monumental flag that raises our patriotic spirit daily.

“ITEA is” International Program

From an early age we inculcate proficiency in English so that eventually we could also introduce a third language. Starting in Middle School, our students can apply for scholarships ranging from 10% to a full 100% for cultural and academic international traveling experiences, with the ultimate goal of awakening their interest in taking advantage of our international agreements with universities from all over the world.

Experienced faculty in constant training

Our faculty hiring process is carried out with the strictest quality standards in mind, which guarantees that our teaching staff is always full of individuals that are highly qualified in the educational sphere, many of whom have Master’s Degrees and PhDs and even work as researchers. As soon as they become a part of our ITEA family, our teachers enter a continuous training program consisting of at least 80 hours per school cycle.

Cutting-edge technological tools

We introduce technology as an educational tool, employing robotics transversely in every subject. Every level has its own computer lab specific for each age group. The equipment at our science labs is constantly upgraded to make sure we stay ahead of the curve in the educational landscape.