our history

The group was formed 52 years ago with the acquisition of Herman Holeritz, a computer science school in Mexico City. Back then, personal computers didn't exist and technology was in the bud. Read More

The founding partners understood from that moment that education in the technological field was fundamental for the future of Mexico and the world. They were among the first to acquire advanced equipment to keep their educational tools at the forefront. The end of the century marked the highest number of active students, with more than 42,000 simultaneous students in its 34 centers located in states such as: Puebla, Tijuana, Tabasco, Veracruz, Tamaulipas, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Querétaro, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Michoacán, Baja Northern California, Nuevo León, Sonora and Mexico City.

After substantial growth and with study centers as important as CCPM (Centro de Computación Profesional de México), CCPO (Centro de Computación Profesional de Occidente) and ITCEN (Instituto de Computación y Electrónica del Norte), the development of project ITEA began in 2003.

Two years later, in 2005, the company achieved its big dream: founding an educational institution with the same values ​​and with the expanded vision of educating Mexican men and women from early stages. The Technological Institute of Advanced Education, ITEA, was born with the aim of offering education based on the most up-to-date pedagogical advances, integrating the use of technology in the student's day-to-day life and balancing sports and physical activity for the student’s comprehensive growth on an enduring and proven matrix of values. As of today, we have two ITEA campuses in the Guadalajara metropolitan area, with an area of ​​150,000 m2 and a student body of 3,200 children and young people. We are continuously in a process of improvement, always in constant renewal for the benefit of the citizens who occupy our classrooms every day.


about us



Our goal is to comprehensively
educate each human being, fostering
his/her maximum capabilities through
a value-based education with
a humanist focus,
which allows the individual
to thrive in a globalized
world and feel fulfilled and happy
with him/herself.



By 2035, we aspire to be
an institution renowned worldwide
for its high academic quality,
its comprehensive formation, and
its humanistic worldview. Our vision
is to be a school with cutting-edge
innovative programs, whose graduates
perform at the highest competitive level and
at the same time are leading examples of
social responsibility, environmental
commitment, and professional
and personal fulfillment.





our campuses



ITEA’s North Campus is located on the service road of the Tesistán highway, 5 and 10 minutes away from Real Center and Andares, respectively. It has been designed with our students and their educational experience in mind. Read More When visiting this school built over 10 hectares, you can notice how we’ve prioritized the implementation of green areas all over our campus, complementing them with state-of-the-art sports facilities such as running tracks, professional soccer fields, seven-a-side soccer pitches, basketball and volleyball courts, a semi-Olympic pool, and more. Also, our classrooms and labs are equipped with cutting-edge technology and we’ve divided our buildings by educational stage, and, since the safety of our campuses is also something that makes us stand out, we also have CCTV and 24/7 camera surveillance all over the campus, as well as external and internal qualified security personnel. You are welcome to contact us and schedule your guided visit.



ITEA’s South Campus is located at Acueducto Avenue (previously Adolf Horn Avenue) across the rail tracks, 2 and 5 minutes away from the Valle Real and Real Del Valle gated communities, respectively, as well as 5 minutes away from the intersection of Periferico Sur and Acueducto Avenue. Read More Designed from the start to be a top-notch learning institution, our campus has 5 hectares of classrooms and labs equipped with everything that’s needed to guarantee a high-quality educational experience, green areas in every section, playgrounds for the little ones, two cafeterias, and many more amenities. Promoting athletic activities is one of our top priorities, so we provide large spaces with professional soccer fields, seven-a-side soccer pitches, a gymnastics area, and a Taekwondo dojang. We understand how important it is to keep our students safe, that's why we have CCTV and 24/7 camera surveillance all over the campus, as well as internal and external qualified security personnel. You are welcome to contact us and schedule your guided visit.


The floor is rumbling...

...the stampede is coming.


international system


We prepare our alumni from an early age, as we develop their expertise in the English language so we can later on instruct them on a third tongue. Read More Starting in Middle School, our students can apply for scholarships ranging from 10% to a full 100% for cultural and academic international traveling experiences, with the ultimate goal of awakening their interest in taking advantage of our international agreements with universities from all over the world.


collaborator ITEA

He and his team are in charge of keeping the ITEA facilities functional and taking care of the school’s gardens.

“Beto” learned how to do his job mainly thanks to his brothers. He studied electricity and says that the thing he enjoys the most about his job is making electrical installations. He also loves to spend his spare time with his wife and daughters.

He’s been a part of the ITEA family for six and a half years.

“ITEA is like a second home for me because here I feel very at ease… I work comfortably, I don’t feel pressured. Also, on a personal level, if I ever have a problem, the higher-ups always have my back”.

- Alberto Meza, our head of maintenance

He and his team are in charge of taking care of the school’s gardens and green areas.

Mr. Trino has worked as a gardener in many different places across Mexico and the USA. “Here, practice is what makes you improve on a daily basis. Every day is an improvement…” he explains. During his spare time, he likes to practice soccer and track & field.

He’s been a part of the ITEA family for 13 years and counting: “All this time I’ve been working very comfortably here, thank God. I’ve felt right at home, and, truth be told, it’s been an honor and a pleasure to work here at ITEA”.

- Mr. Trino Reyes, our chief gardener

He and his team are in charge of keeping the access to our facilities controlled and maintaining a safe environment at ITEA. Eduardo is certified in first aid, fire control, handling of fire extinguishers, and casualty evacuation, with a previous registration from the Mexican Ministry of Work and Social Welfare (STPS for its initials in Spanish).

He’s been a part of the ITEA family for a year.

“I’ve felt so happy and comfortable since the very moment I arrived here. ITEA is a full-fledged institution: everywhere I go, there’s harmony, a wellness culture, and a good working climate. That makes me happy and helps me spread that happiness to others”.

As an additional fact, he recently earned a bachelor’s degree in International Trading.

- Eduardo Cisneros, our current head of external security for the North Campus

She and her team are in charge of working hand in hand with the ITEA teachers in accompanying our students to make sure they have a comprehensive development academically, socially, and emotionally speaking within our school. They also coordinate our school for parents, organizing a wide array of activities that offer the parents tools and accompaniment in the process of raising a child.

Xiomara has a bachelor’s degree in Education and 12 years of working experience in Educational Psychology departments.

“What I like the most about my job is feeling like I’m part of the students’ development process in some shape or form […] I also like all the things I learn from them and the people I work with”.

- Xiomara Berenice Medina, coordinator of our Educational Psychology department